Helping the street children


Today October the 16th, we are celebrating the blog action day. As it has been already decided, the topic for this new edition of blog action day is “Human rights”. Consequently, my participation in this project is focused on the children’s right here in my country (Madagascar). Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest countries where the infant mortality rate is very high (51/1000 live births). Consequently, due to the huge rate of poverty, child trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of young children remain common phenomena in our country. However, as we all know, children are the future and it is our responsibility to help and protect them.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Madagascar, as many kids have no home or bed to sleep in.Kids

Sometimes I am very upset when I hear that many kids in the developed countries cry because they do not have an Iphone. I think that such situation is stupid………. I tend to think that the society is unfair……. In fact, I am not able to imagine that  in the western countries the parents give IPhone to their children, but at the same time there are many children who do not eat properly in the other parts of the world. It is completely crazy……  I do not know if these European or American kids are aware of the children’s conditions in the third world, especially in Africa.


However, there are some local or international associations helping the poor and street children. Few months ago, I joined a charitable association which helps the street children of Antananarivo (capital city of Madagascar). The main goal of the association is to help/feed the poor children and those in need. In fact, our association provides food, bags, and school books to the poor children throughout the place we serve.

Feed the poor



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