The Millennial generation

Yesterday morning, the US embassy in Madagascar organized a press conference at the Malagasy Press Center Antsakaviro. In fact, two American diplomats, Chantal Breton and Erick Atkins were invited to explain the involvement of the young Americans in the US elections. Chantal Breton explained to the audience about the “Millennial Generation”. According to this diplomat, “Millennial Generations” are those young Americans born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s. She added that these new generations of Americans are different in many respects from the generations of their parents and grandparents. As a young Malagasy, I was curious to know how are these millennial generation different from their parents and grandparents? The speaker told us (the audience) that the millennial generation is well-educated, civically engaged and politically active. That’s why they are potential voters for the 2012 US election. They take part (as volunteers) to the presidential campaign; they talk to people, make phone calls, and convince undecided people to vote.  It has to be noted that apart from the discussion, the US embassy shared some brochures in which the millennial generation explain why they support various candidates and causes. I told to the speakers that the situation is completely different in Madagascar. In fact, I explained to them that the Malagasy citizens do not really care about politics. They are not campaigning for the candidates if they are not paid for that.  For some Malagasy citizens, the election campaign is an opportunity to get money from the candidates or the parties. There is one important thing that I have noticed during this press conference, young Americans are politically active and have influence on the way the government runs their country.


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