Happy blogday

Today august 31st, we are celebrating the Blogday. The main purpose of this event is that all bloggers around the world will post a recommendation of few new blogs (bloggers from other countries) to their visitors. For my contribution to the celebration of this event, I would like to share with you my top favourite blogs. Happy blogday……


Andrydago well known as Dadandry is among the malagasy active bloggers.  His blog “The Cyber Observer” is a blog which provides you with updated news about Madagascar in terms of political and economical matters. The Cyber Observer is also deal with articles about laws.  Dadandry is passionate with blogging, citizen media, web 2.0, social networks and so much more. His blog  is well written, that’s why i love it.


Vanessa is a peace corps volunteer. She is working for the peace corps Madagascar since 2010. In her blog she tells about her daily life in the countryside of Madagscar. In fact, as a peace corps volunteer she is leaving in a rural area(Amborobozokely) located in the northern part of Madagscar.  Her blog is really amazing.


Ariniaina is a malagasy female blogger. When Ariniaina was younger, she already loved writing . She started to write stories and poems when she was 15. Later, she have dreamt of becoming a reporter and a professional photograph. In her blog, she talks about the social life, culture, people, neighborhoods in Tana(capital city of Madagascar)

Brittany Priselac is serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar. Like her friend Vanessa, she is blogging about her experiences as a peace corps volunteer in Madagascar.

Tahina lives in Madagascar. He started his blog in September 2008 in the hope of helping people know more about Madagascar. In fact, Tahina has noticed that the movie have eclipsed the Island either on the internet or on people’s mind. Consequently, he wants to change that through his blog


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