Are you a Facebook addict?

Wake up in the morning and first thing to do is log on to the Facebook account, checking Facebook for updates and comments on your cell phone, ending the day by checking Facebook and saying good night to friends. Are you part of these millions of people (around the world) using Facebook? Are you addicted to Facebook? What are your goals on Facebook? How much time do you spend on Facebook?

Facebook is a way (tool) for people all other the world to come together and discuss different things about life. Facebook helps you keeping in touch with friends you do not see on a regular basis. However, some people become addicted to it. First thing they do in the morning is checking their Facebook page; Then during their free times, in class (at work), even up until the go to sleep.

I consider myself as a Facebook addict. It starts with a simple exploration of your friends(pseudo friendship) and suddenly you are logging many times a day to see if any of your friends have posted new pictures, changed their relationship status. And what about you? Are you a Facebook addicted? I asked to some friends what Facebook means for them. Here are their responses:

J. C: My Goals on Facebook.   In the beginning, i was not the least bit interested…i was a single mom who had been separated from the world for 4 years. I thought to myself, if I died today, there wouldn’t be a soul out there that would even know who I was…my coworker kept saying how wonderful it was and eventually, after about a month, I had decided to try it…within a few days, I had re-united with many of my high school friends. It wasn’t until I had seen my lawyer befriend a wonderful man from Africa that I had a vision….a vision that would unite me with so many wonderful and amazing people from around the world…just like i had always wanted…I asked for his friendship and then his friends asked for mine, and eventually it became a whirlwind of wonderful people in my ‘new’ life. We learn from each other, give advice, care about each other, pray for each other, etc. I finally had a family!! Then at the turning of a new year, in January, I got a request. Now, our friendship has grown into so much more that he just may be my future!! So, I have many thanks for Facebook…

I spend a great deal of time of Facebook…chatting with friends mostly…I don’t do any of the games, however. For me, Facebook is all about friendship. Since Facebook is my best connection to ma ‘new’ man, i cannot go one day without checking my inboxes to talk with him.

K.R: My goal on Facebook is FUN, I spend may be 10 to 12 hours a day on Facebook.

J.P: I never really had any goals with Facebook. Although may be my goal is to reach 1000 friends.

R.F : The main reason why I use Facebook is to keep in touch with friends. My friendship has become much healthier due to Facebook. This is due to the chat feature, and commenting on people’s status.



3 thoughts on “Are you a Facebook addict?

  1. There are controversial opinions around all social networks… and facebook is, up to now, the most famous one… Although we like it or not, virtual life is undeniably part of our life and it’s becoming a powerful tool for marketing… Then, like all things, it depends on how and why you use it! Personally, I found the most interesting people of my network through facebook as far as professional life and friendships are concerned… So I believe there are “good” addictions allowed! 😉

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