I want to see a little satisfaction on their faces

I am living (away from my family) in a small city called Antsiranana(northern part of Madagascar). Since I came here, I notice a situation which makes me sad. In fact, in my village I can see every day very poor people (vahoaka sahirana) on the street.  However, at the same time i see very rich people (mpanakarena mpanefoefo) with very expensive cars (this huge difference makes me sad). Consequently, every day when I see these poor people around me, I ask to myself the following questions: Why some people are on the bright side of life and others not? Are they just lucky to be born at the right time in the right family? Or are the others are just unlucky? I am always thinking about these people  who are doing struggle in every day.  There are many poor people around me and I cannot do anything for them. I do not have that much money through which I can help them. But at least, I want to see a little satisfaction on their faces. However, I think that lucky people (on the bright side of life) can help them in some ways. One day ( Tuesday morning) I came to their place and donated my old clothes to them. I know that it was something small but we have to start with little thing. Even a small effort counts because it can change their life. As I mentioned previously, we can help poor people in many ways: giving money, clothes, materials, or volunteering (teaching their children for free). You may say that it is not your duty to cure the poor from their poverty as if you are a “doctor and they are your patients”. All I can say is:Do not forget that if you give them what they need most (opportunities) you will see real and lasting improvements in their lives. One important thing that we should not forget is:  “helping poor people” does not mean satisfying their temporary needs, but providing them with lasting opportunities to change their life and situation. “Give a man fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “I want to see a little satisfaction on their faces

  1. I agree that change can start with small things 😉

    I had a talk with a friend’s mom one day and our talk truned around “are we really born equal?” The obvious answer was no of course. Each individual has his life, chances, opportunities, crosses to bear… and it’s up to each one to manage to succeed in life and get where he wants to be taking into account thoses parameters.

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