MORAINGY, a Malagasy martial art (part II)

In my last post, I shared some pictures of a malagasy martial art named « MORAINGY ». Today, I am going to give you more details about this famous malagasy  traditional sport.

The moraingy is largely played(practiced) in most of the coastal villages of Madagascar. But it is very famous in the northern part of Madagascar (region of Diego Suarez). During the event, everyone (parents, kids, chief of village,) meet in the place of the village (central square) encouraging the fanôrolahy and fanôrovavy (the person who plays  moraingy). Most of the time, the moraingy is played during holidays or on Sunday. During the ceremony, some people sing, play drums, and the other (the fans) encourage the fanôrolahy. The purpose of the moraingy is to put two guys or ladies face to face in order to project the opponent down by a series of « ôndry » (shots). According to some fanôrolahy who talked to me, the “key- technics” of the moraingy are passed from father to son.

The moraingy looks very much like the Brazilian capuera. It requires great physical ability, speed and flexibility that makes a great show of each fight. Nowadays, the parents are initiating their children to the moraingy because it is also a big business. Most of the time, the winner receives big prices such as car, motorbike, money, Televisions, …


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