Every day when I go to my workplace, I must take two consecutive buses. On my way, I see some situations that make me think on the difficulties of our  daily life. In fact, in the morning when I leave my apartment, I see people who are living in a hovel(trano hazo, trano baoritra), while in front there is a family located in a beautiful villa with lots of cars. On the bus, I see through the glass people who ride on beautiful cars (Hummer, Mercedes, BMW, four by four), while others walk on foot. Arriving in town, I see around me people wearing beautiful clothes and beautiful shoes(Nike, addidas) while others do not.  At lunch time I see people eating in good restaurants while others do not even eat. Finally, on the weekend, when I go to the market, I see people spending a lot of money  buying clothes, jewelry, while others do not even have Ariary 200 to buy bread. On  Sunday, I see people who are begging while others are going to a picnic with their family in beautiful cars. All that makes me sad. I am asking to myself why life is so bad  like that. Why there is rich and poor people? I really love that people have the  equal wealth,  we all eat the same foods.


One thought on “Untitled

  1. “I really love that people have the equal wealth”

    Not until human greed is eliminated. And that may never be. Maybe we can hope for a better distribution of services like we have in Australia. And a support network for those not so fortunate. But equal wealth? NO. Some people work harder, some are smarter, some are more daring. Equal services for all is very nice.

    Now my friend, we are considering visiting your country, but are concerned about the current situation. Please contact me at the above email address. Thank you, Jack

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