Da Raoul, Raoul, whose real name is Raosolosolofo Razafindranoa (singer, composer, musician of the Mahaleo band) passed away on September 3rd 2010 in Tamatave(eastern part of Madagascar).  He died at the age of 59. He was the eldest of the group. He was the leader of the group and the other 6 members (his brother Dama, Dadah, Fafah Charles, Bekoto and Nônô) of the band used to call him “the dinosaur”.  He wrote many songs for Mahaleo : “MIodikodina lesy”,”Pôlitika”, “Somambisamby”, “Hiaraka isika”. Most of his composition was focused on politics. In fact, some of his composition participated in the political awaking of young Malagasy (songs made for awareness). In the daily life, Raoul is a doctor; he studied in Roumania and came back to Madagascar with an accurate conscience of the value of the land and the small farmers’ culture. He passed away but his songs both poetic and pragmatic will stay forever in our heart. This evening, a tribute to Raoul will be organized in Mahamasina ( Palais de la culture et des sports). After my works (6: 00 pm Madagascar time), like many fans, I will go there in order to pay tribute to him and attend the stay out. RIP Raoul.



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