“katy: traditional “drugs” in the northern part(DIANA & SAVA) of Madagascar

I’m living in the region of Diego (norhtern part of Madagascar) since March 2010.  As i live near the market, I see many things during the full day.  One day, when I passed by the “bazary kely” (local market), I saw many people gathering in a corner. I joined them and ask them:” what is happening?” A lady ( see picture) who handled leaves responded to me: these people want to buy ” katy”. Consequnetly, I started to ask her about this “katy”. Then, she provide me many details on it. Here are the main information about it.

“Katy” is small tree which grows in the northern part of madagascar. it has many leaves. In the region of Diana, “katy” is used as a daily food. All people ( young, old, woman, man, even kids) are eating it. According to the lady (see picutre), katy provide 100% energy. She added that “katy” is better than the other foods ( milk, egg, cheese, fruits). In fact, here in  Diego, in order to getting stronger, people prefer eating “katy” than the other foods. Some of them say that it is a kind of drug ( traditional drug), but its sale is not prohibited. According to some pepole who are used to eat “katy” everyday, they it eat for many reasons:

– some say that if you want to satisfy your sexual partner, you should eat “katy” first, because it provides you more energy.

– the others say that if you want to avoid deseases, the only thing that you can do is just eating “katy”.

It should be noted that “katy” is part of  ” Antsiranana culture”, people in this region are familiar with these ” powerfull leaves”. One packet of “katy” costs about Ariary 2000. One person can eat 3 or 4 packets per day. All categories of person are eating “katy”: drivers, teachers, civil servants, grocers, students, prostitutes, police men, …


7 thoughts on ““katy: traditional “drugs” in the northern part(DIANA & SAVA) of Madagascar

  1. No, I don’t!! because some people are selling it in Tana. Because Katy is not considered as a drug,the malagasy law does not prohibit its sale.The katy Market in Tana is located is in 67ha and Ambohipo

  2. I tried it once. Maybe I was too young to really know the consequences, I cant even remember the taste.
    Bring us some when u come here again 😀 (coz it’s gonna be weird to ask for that in 67ha huhuhu)

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