Discrimination at the night club

Last Saturday, after working in the country side of Antsiranana (northern part of Madagascar), me and my friends went to a night club named “Nouvel Hotel” (This night club belongs to a foreigner). Nouvel Hotel is one of the famous and biggest night clubs of Antsiranana. That’s why we decided to go there. When we arrived there around 11:00 pm, we were stopped by the security of the night club. In fact, when came into the entrance, the security explained me the internal rules of the night club. He said that the entrance is free for foreigners but the Malagasy citizens have to pay. I was really angry when I heard that. Consequently, I asked to them why they are acting like that. They told me that the Malagasy have to pay because they do not buy drink inside the night club, they are just dancing. However, they are sure on the fact that foreigners buy food and drinks in the night club. This kind of situation is very bad for our country. Why do we allow this kind of situation happening in our country? It is a kind of discrimination. Are the local authorities informed about this situation? Is it legal to do such discrimination?


3 thoughts on “Discrimination at the night club

  1. that is messed up! sorry that happened to you in diego. discrimation seems to happen everywhere, on both sides of the racial line. i’m back in town, so please let me know if you’d like to hang out. i won’t be here for you birthday… but would love to celebrate early if you’re around. -v-

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