besorongola celebrates its first anniversary


besorongola celebrates its first anniversary.

May Saturday 09, 2010, besorongola was born at Chillout Café Ambondrona , Antananarivo Madagascar. In fact, one year ago, after attending the weekly meeting of ICE (I`m Crazy about English) club, me and my friends (Lalah Ariniaina, Andry Rakotoniaina Andriantahina, MC Dago Diana, Tahina Rakotomanarivo, Malala Moon, Moma Rakotosalama) went to a “cybercafé” in order to check our face book account. As I opened my face book account, I saw Lalah opening her blog in front of me. So, we started to talk about blogging. Few minutes later, Tahina asked me if I would like to have my own blog. I said to him “why not”. Then, Tahina helped me immediately to set up my own blog. I have chosen to name my blog “besorongola because it sounds typically Malagasy.  I told to Tahina that my blog will be focused on political, social, and economic news. In fact, during the current crisis, people need to be informed about what happens in their everyday life. At the beginning, it was little bit difficult for me. But Tahina gave me some tools and instructions which helped me since I started to Blog.

One year later, what besorongola has realized?

–          25 posts



During the current turmoil, I had the opportunity to go with some bloggers and journalists(taking pictures interviewing people). I remember one day, me and my friend Andry (he was my workmate at that time) left our office at 10:00 am  in order to attend (taking pictures, recording, interviewing some people) the daily meeting of the Ravalomanana group at Ambohijatovo Square.

Blogging has changed my life, I become more professional in my work, I have many friends, and the most important thing is that blogging has helped me to improve my English.

Thank you all for supporting, viewing, commenting, criticizing besorongola`s blog. I give a special thanks to Tahina (wazaa) who has helped me, thank you very much my friend.

Long life to all Malagasy blogs!!!!!


4 thoughts on “besorongola celebrates its first anniversary

  1. hi there, time is flying as people are used to saying … HPanniversary Besorongola … keep on blogging from wherever you may be … 😉 MFkya

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