WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY( the current status of the press freedom in Madagascar)

WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY  is celebrated acroos the globe( including Madagascar) every may 3rd, representing an opportunity to commemorate the fundamental principles of press freedom and to pay solemn tribute to journalists who have lost their in the line of duty. The freedom of information as an integral part of freedom of expression is very iportant in a democratic country. The  press freedom contributes to the establishment of a de mocratic governance.

What is the current status of the new medias in Madagascar?

I am not going to compare Madagascar to those developped countres (united States Of America, France, canada,…). However, I would like to underline current status of press freedom in Madagascar. In Madagascar

 like in many(african) countries, the media and journalist are facing many obstacle in their daily work. i think that we do not forget the case of some journalists who have been thrown in jail. In fact, during the current crisis three journalists have been jailed by the current government: Evarist Ramangasoavina, Lolo Ratsimba and the manager of the private radio station named Fahazavana have been already jailed. The government uses the  defamation laws to punish  the press. nowadays, some people are saying that the current government censor some press. The members of the three groups (Ravalomanana group, Ratsiraka group, and Zafy group) say that the do not have access to the public station (TVM and RNM). Apart from these some status, we should forget that one journalist has been killed during the current crisis. in fact, a journalsit from the private station RTA (Radio Television Analamnga) has been killed during the march which was led by some political leaders ( he covered the march in fornt of the  presidential palace of Ambohitsirohitra).  As i said previously, we cannot compare Madagascar to the other countries. In fact , in many countries the freedom of press is not respected. It should be noted also that as the technology of media changes, we increasignly share information online. In fact, in Madagascar we have some on-line journalists and some bloggers. I do not know yet if they are facing censorahip, restrictions and internet access block. it is really greatfull if some of them give testimony about what they are facing in Madagascar.

 To conclude, the” world Press Freedom ” is celebrated every year on may 3. The purpose of this celebration is to remind us to defend our press. Freedom of speech and press is one of the basis of a democratic country.


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