world day against Cyber censorship

Tommorow march 12, 2010 marks the International day against internet censorship. This international day was  launched last year by Reporters Sans Frontieres (Reporters Without Borders). The purpose of this  event is  to rally everyone in support of a single Internet that is unrestricted and accessible to all. Another aspect of this event is  to draw attention to the fact that, by creating new spaces for exchanging ideas and information, the Internet is a force for freedom. However, more and more governments such as China, Cuba, Vietnam, Saudia Arabia, North Korea,… (fortunatly Madagascar is not on the list)  are reacting by trying to control the Internet. In our country, people do not know yet what  Cyber censhorship is. In fact, in Madagascar, Internet and cyber access is not yet restricted. But in m other countries many cyber journalists and bloggers are in jail due to their post in their blog or in their web site. In fact, in some countries, many blogs and web site are” under- surveillance” by the government. In thses countries, you can be sentenced to prison just for an e-mail or an article that you posted in the internet.  Dear friends malagasy blogers and cyber journalits, let`s celebrate the International day against censorship tommorow.


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