the current malagasy political leaders are not affected by the cancellation of the AGOA

Few days after the decision of the US government of firing Madagascar from the AGOA, I am trying to know the main reasons of this decision. Of course, most of you readers  say that  this decision of the American  government was based on many criterias, but the first and the most important one is the respect of democracy.

We know that the United States of America is very strict about the respect of the democracy. Consequently, the US government requires the respect of the democracy from all the “AGOA beneficiary countries”. It means that if the democracy is not respected in the country, the AGOA will be canceled. Nowadays, it is the case of Madagascar. In fact, many observers(local and international) say that democracy is not fully respected in Madagascar: the current president came to power through an illegal way, the parliament (directly elected by the  people) have been suspended,  the  opposition  do not have access to the public media, etc…

According to the previous statements, we can say that the cancellation of AGOA is a political decision. However, we should not forget that this decision affect the malagasy economical and social life. In fact, many local companies which have thousands of employees took benefits from the AGOA. Nowadays, these companies are obliged to “close the door”. It means that many people will lose their job. I know  a family in which the parents and their two sons work  for  free zone companies.The situation is really sad.

Why did the American government take this decision? Instead of canceling the AGOA for Madagascar, the us government should take some individual measures ( individual restrictions…) against the current political leaders. In fact, the Malagasy political leaders are not affected by this cancellation of the AGOA. They do not work for  the free zone companies. It is really sad for the Malagasy people, but the decision has been already made.


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