Two weeks after Addis Abeba, the government is not yet implemented

Two weeks after the signature of the additonnal agreement at Addis Abeba, the three groups ( Ravalomanana group, Ratsiraka group, Zafy Albert group, and Andry Rajoelina grou) fail to reach an agreement about the new government. In fact, each group claims to obtain the ” Key- Ministries”. According to a non official report, the two groups ( Andry Rajoelina group and Ravalomanana group) are the origins of this problem.

The malagasy people trust on these malagasy political leaders to resolve immediately the problem. These political leaders should note that malagasy people are suffering due to their political dispute. In fact, many people have lost their job, many companies have been obliged to stop their activities,…

So, it is time for these political leaders to show their ” patriotism” by implementing this government as soon as possible. We should not forget that our futur depends on it. The foreign entities ( countries, Organization) are waiting for the implementation of the new government before providing any financial supports.


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