Is it the end of the current crisis?

The new Prime Minister (Mr Mangalaza Jean Eugène) legally and democratically taken the power at the Palace of Mahazoarivo. During the ceremony he provided all his programs during the transitional period , namely:

– The organization a free and fare presidential election;

– The drafting of a new Constitution which led Madagascar to the 4th republic.

All the personalities ( ambassadors, political leaders,  representative of the armed forces,…) said that a big step has been made by Madagascar. In fact, after nine months of crisis, the Malagasy political actors ( leaders) agreed on the fact that a neutral, consensual government is the solution of the current problems. But, it should be noticed that, apart from its political aspect, the current crisis concerns everything ( economy, finance, education,…). Consequently, the following questions come to my mind:

– Do these new leaders undertake to resolve our economical, the financial problems?

– Do these new leaders commit to help the people who lost their jobs during the current turmoil?


Wait and see!!!!!


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