special friday talk

Yesterday September 11th,2009; the American Press Center had two special guests during its weekly discussion session( Friday talk). In fact, two foreign journalists attended the Friday talk in order to share their experiences to the Malagasy journalists. Those two journalist are Mrs Rebecca ( an American journalist), and Mr Adrien ( from Burundi). They were invited by Nanou Fiankinana to attend the Friday talk. We started the meting by self introduction. Then, Rebecca and Adrien told us about their experiences  as journalist in Africa.  They started by  telling us about their project in Africa. In fact, these two journalist have been in many African countries. They use their “talent” as journalist to help people to solve their problems ( land issue, etc). After hearing their experiences, we started to ask questions to them. so, we discussed about the Malagasy journalism. We   explained to them the problem of the Malagasy journalism/ journalists. A journalist from a daily news paper said that the problem of the Malagasy journalism is the following: Most of the Malagasy news paper, radio station, TV station belong to  political  leaders. Consequently, the journalists  are obliged to follow their instructions  when they publish or provide the news. This journalist from a daily news paper added that sometimes, the journalists are guilty about what they provide to the people. But according to what she said, the Malagasy journalists do not have the choice. The two guests said that it is a common problem of journalism in many (African)  countries. As a solution to this problem, the two guests suggested  us  to set-up an association which gather all the Malagasy journalists. Then, if some problems affect the journalism, we can do some actions ( protests, march,…) through this association. Due to the problem of time, the discussion was limited. However, it was very interesting meeting. Thanks to Oelisoa and Nanou Fiankinana.


2 thoughts on “special friday talk

  1. I’m just saying: « We are the first generation that can end poverty
    The fact is: We have the knowledge, money, resources, technology,
    The only missing thing is political will and YOU

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